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System Upgrade Notification

Your ePrint MIS system has been upgraded to the new version 3.5

To ensure that all of the new changes take effect correctly please clear the cache of your browser, it is essential you do this before trying to use your system.

Each PC where ePrint MIS is used will need to have the browser cache cleared before using the system.

How to clear the cache:
  • In Firefox click on Tools, Clear Recent History, ensure Empty the Cache is ticked and click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • In Safari click on the Safari tab in the top left corner and click on Empty Cache. Click Empty in the window that opens to clear the cache.
  • In Chrome click on the Spanner icon in the top right of the screen, click on Browsing History, Clear Now, ensure Cache is ticked and clear.
  • In Internet Explorer 7 and 8 go to Tools, Delete Browsing History. Under Browsing History click Delete. Choose which items you wish to delete and click the Delete button next to each item to delete it. Delete cookies and Temporary Internet Files.
  • In Internet Explorer 9 go to Tools, Safety, Delete browsing history. Then untick the option for Preserve Favorites website data, tick the options for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and click Delete.

You will be sent upgrade notes by email explaining the main changes to the system.

We hope you like the new version.
ePrint support team